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Industries we work with

Visual Communication

Artists, graphic designers, and illustrators collaborate on finding ways to  visually communicate the impacts of global warming, climate change, and sustainable solutions.

Design and Innovation

Industrial designers, product designers, and architects collaborate to contribute by developing sustainable and climate-resilient designs.

Music and Performing Arts

Musicians, composers, and performers collaborate to use their art forms to raise awareness, inspire action, and foster emotional connections to the natural world.

Storytelling and Media

Writers, filmmakers, and journalists collaborate to  use their storytelling abilities to shed light on the human and environmental stories affected by global warming.

Environmental Art and Installations

Environmental artists collaborate to create thought-provoking installations, sculptures, and interactive experiences that highlight the beauty of nature, the urgency of climate change, and the need for sustainable living.

Virtual Reality and Interactive Media

Creators in the field of virtual reality, augmented reality, and interactive media- collaboration to develop immersive experiences that simulate the impacts of global warming.

Advertising and Marketing

Creatives in advertising and marketing collaborate to help promote sustainable products, services, and behaviours.

Fashion and Textile Design

Fashion designers and textile artists collaborate to explore sustainable and eco-friendly materials, promote circular fashion practices, and design clothing that reduces carbon footprints.

Education and Outreach Programs

Creatives can collaborate with educators and environmental organisations to develop engaging educational materials, workshops, and outreach programs

2024 2024


Curiculum draft
Working website
Expert volunteers team
Institutional and investing partners
Soft launch event- 21 March 2024
Educational pilot modules
500 members by August 2024
2025 2025


1000 members
2 full time employees
Upcycling furniture annual fair
In Context Wagon School pilot built
Printed manual, first edition
Summit concept First Edition
2026+ 2026+

2026 - 2028

More than 10.000 members
5 full time employees
Opening of In Context School
Consultancy methodology and team
Second edition of In Context Summit

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