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Our Story

— Art Philosophy

Creativity powered self- funded project through a membership system where contributors can allocate time or finances to building an alternative art school for sustainable living

We believe schools today do not equip children with skills needed to face and manage the challenges of the rapid ecological transition we will be facing over the next two decades.
We see that creativity can play a major role in innovating new methodologies and establishing a different approach in relation to natural resources and consumption.

In Context Art Association and playground is based in Slanic Moldova, but our team and community is international and online.

In Context Club

Values · Vision · Mision

Creating an alternative, ambulatory, scalable school that teaches children to creatively rethink the relation to resources, to encourage them to think for themselves, to understand the complexity of the global world and to act in solidarity with the nature and future generations.


Critical Thinking





Creative Learning

Development of a center for contemporary art, ecology and human development, a laboratory for transdisciplinary learning through art and science, strengthening a space intended to inform the community about the ecological crisis and inspire the collective identification of solutions for the preservation of the life of the earth and ecosystems.

Creating experiences based on investigation, research, interaction and cooperation, designed to encourage people to think for themselves, understand the complexity of the global world and act in solidarity with nature and the next generations for the production of a living future.

Meet the team

The team In Context is diverse and international, made of members who were here from the beginning and creatives who resonated to our cause and actions and joined along the way.

Alina Teodorescu

Artist and founder In Context

Ciprian Sipos

Zero waste creative thinker and educator

Dana Olarescu

Artist and community strategist

Simona Nastac

Curator and critic, communication strategist

Iulia Horvat

Early year teacher

Tomas Wiegerink

Creative strategist

Madalina Ștefănescu

Financial advisor

Jean Philippe Curto

Financial advisor

Our Partners


A transparent financial management system is being developed for an impactful growth and trustful community. Published annual financial reports will show the correlation between the resources and the implementation of the developing strategy and achieved milestones.