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About „Compost in Context 2019”

Starting from 'Compost', this year's curatorial theme of the art residency In Context, we propose a program between the 6th and 8th September, that tries to apply this concept in the field of music. The challenge of the invited artists is to deconstruct contemporary and archaic global musical heritage, in order to create a new paradigm to suggest our coming of age in relation to nature. The merging of the cultural subjectivity of the invited artists will thus function as a sonic 'fertilizer' for the ecological responsibility of all the participants of this event. In this case, the sound experiment will represent both an alarm signal regarding the ecological disasters caused by the human species and a tribute to nature that is adapting harder and harder to the changes brought about by us.

The main locations chosen for the performers have the role of contextualizing the listening experience; thus, the Salina Targu Ocna, the Catholic Church, the In Context Power Plant and the forest from the Well 2 Platform will be catalysts for raising awareness about the environment.




Andrei Raicu presents ”Extinction”

Bogdan Orbita


Brian Donley



PC Harem

Rodion GA

Simina Oprescu



06 September

UGSR PowerPlant

06 September

Euclid Monument Forest

07 September

Targu Ocna Salt Mine

07 September

Catholic Church

08 September

Central park pavilion