In Context | Slanic Moldova

A residency programme aiming to inspire contemporary artists to develop their practice and create work in non-studio and non-gallery spaces, through engaging with new geographies, audiences and socio-economic contexts.

Initiated by Alina Teodorescu (London-based Romanian artist originally from Slănic Moldova) in collaboration with the local City Hall, In Context is designed to be a one-month residency programme in the heart of the picturesque mountain resort Slănic Moldova, Bacău District, Romania, open to international artists from all over the world by invitation only.

Activities, performances, talks and exhibitions seek to contribute to a lively and ongoing experiment that finds its ethos in the natural resources of the town, as well as in the rich culture and traditions of the Romanian mountains, known as one of the last virgin ecosystems in Europe. In Context | Slănic Moldova plans to show that when people get together and organise themselves they can achieve great things, through participation, creativity and direct connection with nature.


Slănic Moldova is a place with a distinct identity in terms of natural resources as well as geographical and architectural features. The air, the light and the mineral springs offer an ideal context for reflection, creativity and collective participation, with a particular focus on concepts of modern life and wellbeing, human impact upon nature, community and spirituality.


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